Gert Jochems - Photographer documentary, portraits, commercial

Oostende / Calais


In 1998 I bought a house in Alveringem, close to the French border. I worked there for the first time as a photographer. For Het Volk, a regional newspaper. Two years later I was allowed to work for the national newspaper De Morgen. I had no choice but to move to Brussels. Yet I already knew then, and that has never changed, that the area between Ostend and Calais is my place on earth. This is the landscape where I belong. Meanwhile, many years later, I have a place in Ostend again. I often go out aimlessly to take photos, but rather to just be there. It doesn't really matter to me what's in the photos, because I know that if you put them next to each other, they will come together. Because it's about my home.